Frequently Asked Questions

What is Progress Illinois?

Progress Illinois is a website that provides commentary and analysis on issues important to working families and the progressive movement at large.

Why is it called Progress Illinois?

We aim to motivate and mobilize the growing progressive movement in Illinois.

Who is your target audience?

Activists, opinion leaders, operatives, and most importantly Illinois residents who are committed to progressive values but are not necessarily political insiders.

How is it different than other political blogs?

On a daily basis, our full-time writing staff and contributors narrate the news from across the state. Our frequent blog posts provide readers with relevant context and remind them what is at stake in the ongoing political and policy debates. But rather than simply follow the news cycle, Progress Illinois also contributes original reporting and research in the form of feature articles that explore local issues and policy debates. Furthermore, by regularly publishing guest columns we promote a wide range of progressive voices – from members of Congress to local activists.

When did it launch?

The initial version of Progress Illinois went live on March 17, 2008.

Is there a political agenda to the site?

Progress Illinois seeks to advance a progressive agenda that includes:

- Instituting a fairer tax code
- Ensuring universal health care
- Advancing humane immigration reform
- Preserving reproductive choice
- Strengthening organized labor
- Protecting the environment
- Encouraging election reform
- Increasing government transparency

Do you support specific candidates for office?

We editorialize in support of candidates who exhibit the will to advance this agenda.

Who are your sponsors?

Our sole sponsor at the moment is the SEIU Illinois Council. We are reaching out to other progressive organizations that wish to sponsor our work. Interested parties can contact

Is this a private or non-profit endeavor?

The site is owned and operated by a limited liability company: Progress Illinois, LLC.