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Joel Pollack
Quick Hit
by Michael Vanassche
Wed Sep 1, 2010

Protesters To Rep. Ryan: Keep Your Hands Off Our Social Security

Members of the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans, the Illinois Main Street Alliance, and Citizen Action/Illinois met outside of Chicago's Four Seasons Hotel to protest U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) endorsement of 9th Congressional District Republican candidate Joel Pollack. Ryan is the architect of the controversial "Roadmap for America" plan, which would dismantle Social Security even though the program's trust fund is fully solvent until 2032. Katie Jordan from Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans doesn't agree with the plan:

In the 10th Congressional District, Democratic nominee Dan Seals has also taken a swing at GOP candidate Robert Dold for encouraging supporters to read up on Ryan's "Roadmap." Social Security, it seems, will play a key role in these Chicago-area campaigns this fall.

Quick Hit
by Josh Kalven
Thu Jul 22, 2010

Breitbart Becomes A Campaign Issue In IL-9

The controversy over Andrew Breitbart's smear of Shirley Sherrod has been burning up the blogosphere this week.  For those new to the story, Breitbart's conservative website Big Government posted a highly-misleading, heavily-edited clip of Sherrod speaking at an NAACP dinner in Georgia early this year.  It subsequently resulted in her being fired as the USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development.  Yesterday, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack apologized for the department's premature action.

But there's now a local angle on this story, as well.  This morning, Rep. Jan Schakowsky drew a connection between Breitbart and her GOP challenger, Joel Pollak.  Specifically, she noted that Pollak has repeatedly published blog posts on Big Government and that Breitbart even hosted a fundraising event for his campaign.  From her statement:

Andrew Breitbart’s web site, BigGovernment.com, has proven to be a major source of misleading and inaccurate attacks on individuals and organizations that work for social and economic justice. [...] I call on my Republican opponent Mr. Pollak to denounce Brietbart’s intentional distortion of the truth and to end any further association with his website, BigGovernment.com.