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Tax Increment Financing


Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Tue Feb 21, 2012

Report Finds Shortage Of Housing For Illinois' Lowest Paid Workers

There simply aren't enough rental homes available to extremely low-income households in Illinois, according to a new report, and housing advocates say that needs to change in order to prevent increased homelessness in the state.

Twenty-eight rental homes are both affordable and available for every 100 renter households that are considered extremely low-income, the report (PDF) from the National Low Income Housing Coalition and Housing Action Illinois found.

PI Original
by Progress Illinois
Mon Dec 5, 2011

TIF Abuse Buoys Downtown Fat Cats, As Neighborhoods Suffer (VIDEO)

Grassroots Collaborative offers a look at the "gross misuse" of tax increment financing funds in Chicago's downtown area, explaining how it comes at the expense of some already-struggling neighborhoods.

Quick Hit
by Aaron Krager
Thu Oct 13, 2011

Chicagoans Rally Against TIF 'Slush Fund', Bad Deals (VIDEO)

Take Back Chicago activists focused their efforts on the plight of Chicago schools yesterday targeting toxic financial deals and corporate welfare through tax increment financing districts (TIFs).

In the afternoon, more than 100 people set their sights on the Bank of America headquarters, a popular spot for protests this week, by marching through its lobby. Community groups, along with members of the Chicago Teachers Union, want the bank to renegotiate financial deals with Chicago Public Schools that they claim are costing the eductaion system $36 million every year.

Quick Hit
Fri Jun 10, 2011

Number Of The Week: 17,467

That is the number of rental units in foreclosed properties in Chicago. In a report (PDF) issued Thursday by the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing, the 17,467 rental units came from 5,904 apartment buildings within Chicago -- which amounts to tens of thousands of Chicagoans who were left homeless in 2010.

The banks involved in the majority of the foreclosure filings are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Deutsche Bank, US Bank, and CitiMortgage.

PI Original
Mon Mar 21, 2011

Teachers Demand TIF Accountability

Parents, teachers, and advocates marched through the streets of Chicago's poshest neighborhoods Saturday, pleading with the Daley administration to free up some of his beloved TIF funds for the city's schools.

Quick Hit
Sat Mar 19, 2011

CTU Protest Of TIFs Leads To Arrests

Jackson Potter, a Little Village High School of Social Justice teacher and member of the Chicago Teachers Union, and another woman identified as Amber Smock from ADAPT were both arrested after leading 150 to 200 people -- about half of them teachers -- to march and rush in to Lincoln Park's Grossinger City Cadillac dealership as part of a rally for tax increment financing (TIF) reform. The two were arrested for misdemeanor criminal trespassing and were taken to the Near North police district.

Quick Hit
by Micah Maidenberg
Fri Jan 7, 2011

TIFs, Economic Development, And Job Losses

When Daley administration officials promote their decision to grant tax increment financing (TIF) dollars to large, profitable companies based in the city's Loop, there's usually a line about the jobs that the TIF grant will help "retain" downtown.

Quick Hit
by Micah Maidenberg
Thu Nov 18, 2010

TIF Projects, Contingency, And Mayoral Power

In recent weeks, we've been tracking how outgoing Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's now-ratified decision to declare $180 million of the city's tax increment financing dollars as surplus is affecting other local