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Quick Hit
by Steven Ross Johnson
Wed Apr 11, 2012

Harvey Residents, Advocates Take Vacant Property Debris To City Hall

Housing advocates took to the streets in the south suburban city of Harvey Monday afternoon to protest against what they claim have been the various problems that have developed as a result of the growing number of abandoned homes seen throughout their community over the past several years.

More than 20 demonstrators, which included residents and community activists led by the group Harvey Residents Organized for Change, gathered outside of the town's City Hall prior to the start of that night’s city council meeting to present Mayor Eric Kellogg and city council members with debris the group collected from three abandoned homes located on a block the group said had as many as 11 vacant houses.

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Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Tue Mar 27, 2012

Housing Crisis Continues To Wreak Havoc On Minority Communities, Wealth

More Chicagoland homeowners in communities of color are underwater compared to predominantly white neighborhoods, a new report from the Woodstock Institute shows, and some housing advocates say they aren’t surprised.

Overall, nearly one in four residential properties in the Chicago metropolitan area has a negative amount of equity, meaning the homeowner owes more than the worth of the home, according to the report, “Struggling to Staying Afloat: Negative Equity in Communities of Color in the Chicago Six County Region.”  

That comes out to be about $25 billion of negative equity in the Chicagoland region.
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Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Thu Mar 15, 2012

Study Finds Illinois Lacks Affordable Housing, Advocates Lament Proposed Cuts

More than 50 percent of renters in Illinois don’t have enough money to afford a two-bedroom apartment in the state, a report released Tuesday by Housing Action Illinois and the National Low Income Housing Coalition shows.

The housing wage in Illinois is $16.78. That means a family must earn at least that hourly amount for 40 hours a week and 52 weeks per year in order to pay rent and utilities for a safe, modest two-bedroom apartment.

But the average private-housing renter in Illinois earns $13.95, which is $2.82 less than the hourly wage needed to afford a unit, said Bob Palmer, policy director at Housing Action Illinois.
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PI Original
by Progress Illinois
Wed Feb 29, 2012

Princeton Park Homes: Tenants Suffer, Owners Prosper

The following guest article was written by Sara Mathers and John Bartlett of the Metropolitan Tenant Organization (MTO).

Quick Hit
by Progress Illinois
Tue Feb 28, 2012

Op-Ed: State House Bill Addresses Fraudulent Foreclosures

The following was written by Mike Reed of Sheridan, IL, courtesy of MoveOn.org.

State Representative Constance Howard (D-Chicago), working in conjunction with the NAACP’s Far South Suburban branch, introduced on February 15 a bill in the state legislature which would make fraudulent foreclosures in Illinois a crime, with the perpetrators facing both criminal and civil consequences.

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PI Original
by Matthew Blake
Mon Feb 27, 2012

Transforming The Plan For Transformation

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Housing Authority announced Saturday a “Plan For Transformation 2.0,” in which they will “recalibrate” the Plan for Transformation, a huge undertaking launched in 2000 to relocate public housing residents to mixed-income housing units.