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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Tue Jun 5, 2012

Not A Misprint: Homeless Services Expanded In New State Budget

Despite the drumbeat of fiscal austerity that lead to other significant social service cuts, the Illinois General Assembly last week actually passed a budget for next year with meaningful increases – yes, increases – in money for key state programs to help the homeless, and those in danger of becoming homeless.

The state did this through taking money from a trust fund reserved for affordable housing. In an ideal world for homeless service providers, money to fund their work would have come from general revenue funds. Read more »

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Fri Jun 1, 2012

Cash Purchases Of Properties Prevail In High Foreclosure Areas, Long-Term Impact Uncertain

Following the country’s mortgage crisis more people in Cook County are buying homes with cash instead of credit, a new report from the Institute for Housing Studies at DePaul University finds.

The cash trend is also more prevalent in areas with high foreclosure rates, according to the study, Cash or Credit: The role of cash buyers in Cook County’s housing market , which analyzed residential property sales from 2005 to 2011 in Cook County—one of the nation’s weakest housing markets.

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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Wed May 16, 2012

Protesters Call For Eviction Moratorium (VIDEO)

As part of the build up to Sunday's NATO summit protest, Occupy Chicago marched to Daley Plaza in Chicago today with a focus on foreclosures. Speakers demanded that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart implement a one-year moratorium on evicting homeowners who face foreclosure.

The specific demand was partly answered by the sheriff’s office, with Dart Deputy Chief of Staff Dana Wright showing up at the rally. Wright pledged that Dart would meet with two Occupy delegates this afternoon and suggested that a later public meeting could take place. Read more »

Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Tue May 15, 2012

Community Activists To Show The World A Different Side Of Chicago

The eyes of the world will be on Chicago this weekend as about 2,000 journalists from around the nation and the globe are headed to the Windy City to cover this weekend’s NATO summit.

Surely, the national and international press will be focused on the visiting Heads of State and other high-ranking government officials, in addition to the planned protests set to take place. But a group of community organizers is urging the NATO press corps to take a deeper look at some of the city’s most troubled neighborhoods.
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Quick Hit
by Progress Illinois
Tue May 15, 2012

Guest Article: South Suburban MoveOn Group Rallies Against Illegal Home Foreclosures

The following is a guest article from Esther Allman, of Frankfort, IL, on behalf of The South Suburban MoveOn Council.

Intent on exposing Bank of America's fraudulent foreclosure practices, over 60 men, women, and children joined the South Suburban MoveOn Council as it protested at the Bank of America (BOA) in Matteson, IL last Wednesday. Armed with signs revealing the shoddy business dealings of the bank, people lined Cicero Avenue to enlighten passing motorists about the ongoing nature of the mortgage crisis.
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PI Original
by Matthew Blake
Thu May 10, 2012

Occupy Chicago Outlines NATO Protests (VIDEO)

Occupy Chicago says thousands of protesters will go to Chicago next week before the city hosts the NATO summit, May 20 and 21. While Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel views the summit as raising Chicago’s profile, Occupy thinks the event will call attention to their concerns and invigorate the Occupy Wall Street movement that started last fall.

Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Fri May 4, 2012

Foreclosures In Chicago Among Nation's Highest As Vacant Properties Plague Neighborhoods

Rockford and the Chicago area are experiencing some of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation, with Chicago's figure being more twice that of the national average at one in 107 housing units, according to data released by Realty Trac last week. 

As foreclosures continue to plague the city and surrounding areas, the vacant properties left in their wake are wreaking havoc on the safety and security of their respective neighborhoods. In April, a dead body was found in a vacant house in Humboldt Park, leaving neighbors wondering why the property wasn’t maintained -- and prompting Action Now to hold a rally in front of the building.

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