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Rahm Emanuel


Quick Hit
by Aricka Flowers
Mon Nov 26, 2012

CPS Proposes Moratorium On School Closings After This Year, CTU Disagrees With Plan

Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has proposed a five-year moratorium on school closings starting next school year.

The caveat? That state legislators approve a request to push back the announcement of the schools the district plans to close at the end of this academic year. The district, which should — by law — announce impending school closures by December 1, would like to push back the announcement to March 31, but needs the state legislature to approve the delay. 

Quick Hit
by Steven Ross Johnson
Mon Nov 26, 2012

New O'Hare Janitorial Contract Shows Need For Responsible Bidders Ordinance, Union Says (VIDEO)

The impending loss next month of 300 custodial jobs at O’Hare International Airport has raised concerns over the future relationship between city leaders and organized labor.

At a meeting held last week at the headquarters of SEIU* Local 1, the Local's President Tom Balanoff sat alongside seven janitors as they spoke about the impact the loss of their jobs would have on themselves and their families.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Thu Nov 15, 2012

Emanuel Calendar Shows Mayor Holding On To National Profile

Through a public information request, the Chicago Tribune obtained Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s daily calendar between January and August of 2012. The Tribune’s focus on the hundreds of pages of documents is almost identical to the Chicago Reader, which did a two-part review of Emanuel’s public schedule between January and November of 2011. In a nutshell, the publications noted that Emanuel meets a lot with business leaders.

Emanuel’s ties with business are important given his policy record of ramming the Infrastructure Trust through city council in April, a nebulous effort to use private money for public projects, and expanding his own role as chairman of World Business Chicago, which coordinated the NATO summit in May.

But perusing through the calendar, available on the Tribune Web site, reveals other elements of Emanuel’s tenure including his national profile and approach to the Chicago Teachers Union labor dispute.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Wed Nov 14, 2012

Why The City Council Will Rubber Stamp Emanuel's Budget

Protesters organized by Stand Up! Chicago staged a “die-in” yesterday at Chicago's City Hall lying motionless on the floor to represent what they say is the devastation that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget will inflict on Chicago neighborhoods.

The advocates' message has mostly fallen on deaf ears in the city council. Aldermen are expected at a council meeting tomorrow to easily pass a budget that Emanuel presented just last month. The only questions are whether the vote will be unanimous and what, if any, items in the $6.54 billion package will be modified.

There was hope when Emanuel became mayor last year of more give and take between the city manager and council on the Windy City’s annual budget. Why has this not happened?

Quick Hit
by Steven Ross Johnson
Mon Nov 12, 2012

Janitors Protest New City Contract That Could Result In Lost Jobs, Wages

Dozens of custodial workers from O’Hare International Airport filled the fifth floor of City Hall Friday in protest of a recent city contract. The Emanuel administration recently awarded a new five-year janitorial contract with a company that may replace more than 300 union jobs at the airport with non-union, lower-paying positions by next month.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Fri Nov 9, 2012

Springfield May Consider A Chicago Elected School Board

Eighty-seven percent of the 65,763 Chicago voters who weighed in on the matter said ‘yes’ to a non-binding referendum on whether the city should have an elected, instead of mayor-appointed, school board.

An effort by the city council’s progressive caucus this summer, with the support of the Chicago Teachers Union, to get the referendum on ballots across the city failed. So only voters in select polling precincts were asked to consider the measure.

“Can you imagine the whole city of Chicago saying the same thing and the momentum that would have rolled from that,” asked Stacey Davis Gates, legislative policy director for CTU.

But even a citywide referendum would have been purely symbolic because, like so much else that governs the Chicago Public Schools, the selection of school board members is a matter of state, not city, law.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Thu Nov 1, 2012

Report: Mental Health Clinic Closings Mean 'Disappeared' Patients, Overburdened Therapists

A new report suggests that the city of Chicago has not fully kept track of some of its patients amid the closing of mental health clinics.

The study released this week by the AFSCME Council 31 public employees union and the Mental Health Movement coalition finds that on March 1 the city counted 3,282 patients using Chicago Department of Public Health, or CDPH, mental health services.

By July 24, following the April closing of six the city's 12 CDPH mental health clinics, the number of patients dropped to 2,798.