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Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Sun Sep 16, 2012

CTU Strike: Union Park Rally Draws Union Leaders and Supporters (VIDEO)

A rally at Union Park brought out thousands of teachers, parents, and union supporters from Chicago, Wisconsin, Indiana and abroad as the school board and Chicago Teachers Union representatives continued to work on contract negotiations Saturday afternoon.

Union President Karen Lewis drew loud applause and chants of “Karen for Mayor” from the crowd as she took the stage at about 2:30 p.m.

Lewis said union negotiators were given a written framework for a contract on Friday, with details and completed language to be discussed on Sunday. But she said that doesn’t mean the strike is about to end.

“We are still on strike. We only have a framework for an agreement, not an agreement,” Lewis said. “Until you hear it from the CTU, we are on strike.”

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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Fri Sep 14, 2012

Some National Implications Of The CTU Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union strike could have a national impact in at least two key ways. It could reshape an increasingly confrontational relationship between elected officials and public employees. And the walkout could alter education policy, either disrupting the movement toward charter schools and test-based teacher evaluations – or ending concerted opposition to these programs. Read more »

Quick Hit
by Aricka Flowers
Fri Sep 14, 2012

Skeleton of CTU Agreement In Place, Union Releases Telling Video On School Conditions (VIDEO)

The Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates are being presented with the "outlines of an agreement" today, according to the Chicago Tribune, and could vote as soon as Sunday on whether or not it's time to end the strike.

"We have the outlines of an agreement on the major issues, but it's not for this (negotiating) committee to decide if we have a deal," CTU attorney Robert Bloch told the newspaper. "It's for the membership of the union to decide that, and it's for the House of Delegates to determine whether we'll suspend the strike."

While students and teachers could be back in school as soon as Monday, depending on how the House of Delegates votes, the union released a video today illustrating the state of Chicago public school conditions and the uneven allocation of resources and programs in a new video that acts as a response to negative TV ads about the strike by school reform groups.  

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