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Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Tue Nov 6, 2012

Enyart Wins 12th Congressional District Race


Shortly after election polls closed Progress Illinois checked in on the candidates in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, where the race turned nasty through political mudslinging in the final days. The AP is calling the race for Democrat Bill Enyart.

In the far-south district, where issues like coal power and personal finances dominated the candidates’ campaigns, the race has been so close it’s been listed as a “Tossup” by the New York Times.

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Quick Hit
by Steven Ross Johnson
Fri Nov 2, 2012

Discord Over Chicago Public School Closings Grows, Logan Square Community Balks At Consolidation Plan (VIDEO)

The fight over public school closures and consolidations in Chicago came to the northwest side community of Logan Square this week, as nearly 100 concerned parents and residents filled a classroom in Ames Middle School in response to a proposed plan to move a military academy into the building.

The plan, submitted to the Chicago Board of Education by Ald. Roberto Maldonado (26th), would bring Marine Military Academy High School, currently located at 145 S. Campbell Ave., to Ames with the intent of expanding the school to include both 7th and 8th grades.

Organizers for the event said an invitation was sent to Maldonado to attend the community meeting, but he declined.

The proposal sparked anger among the school’s parents, who said Maldonado never discussed the plan with the community, which according to a survey conducted last month by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA), is overwhelmingly opposed to the idea.

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Quick Hit
by Michael Sandler
Thu Oct 25, 2012

A Closer Look At Constitutional Amendment 49

On Election Day, Illinoisans will see a referendum on the ballot that would, if approved by voters, install a state constitutional amendment that would boost the number of legislative votes needed to pass statewide pension increases for public employees.

If passed, Amendment 49 would require a three-fifths, or super majority, vote of approval by the General Assembly to make any increases in public employee pensions. As it stands now, only a simple majority, or one-half of the legislative vote, is needed to increase the pensions of state employees. The amendment would also apply to city and county employees as well as educators, meaning that local governments, school boards and similar legislative bodies would also be beholden to the super majority vote requirement.

The controversial amendment, sponsored by House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago), swept through both the Illinois Senate and House by margins of 51-2 and 113-0, respectively.

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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Wed Oct 24, 2012

Chicago City Council: School Closing Hearing Will Be Held, Homeless Population Questioned

The Chicago City Council will hold hearings on what are rumored to be 80 to 120 neighborhood school closings, according to Ald. Latasha Thomas (17th), head of the council's education committee.

Thomas, who as education chairperson must convene such a panel, has previously been silent on a resolution signed by 32 aldermen calling for a school closing hearing. She told Progress Illinois that she would “absolutely” hold such a hearing. Read more »

PI Original
by Brandon Campbell
Tue Oct 23, 2012

The Race For Illinois’ 11th Congressional District Tightens In Last Weeks

With just two weeks left until voters cast their ballots, Illinois’ 11th congressional district race has become one of the most competitive in terms of cash and polling numbers showing the two candidates are nearly tied. We take a closer look at the tight race.