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Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Mon Sep 10, 2012

CTU Strike Dominates Downtown Chicago (VIDEO)

Day one of the Chicago Teachers Union strike ended much the same way it began: with thousands of teachers united in protest.

Whereas the morning saw dozens of discrete groups of teachers arriving to picket outside of their respective schools, the late afternoon's mass protest brought a sea of red CTU shirts to the heart of downtown Chicago outside of the Chicago Public Schools headquarters.

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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Mon Sep 10, 2012

Community Advocates See CTU Strike As Opportunity To Highlight National Education Issues

Advocacy groups across Chicago mobilized today in support of the Chicago Teachers Union strike, setting up “freedom camps” and scheduling events for the next two weeks including a “freedom ride” to Washington, D.C.

The advocates' approach to the strike contrasts the argument being made by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. While Emanuel frames the strike as a matter of just two outstanding issues, advocates seek to elevate the dispute to a national referendum on urban education policy.

“This labor fight is much bigger than bread and butter issues for teachers,” says Amisha Patel, executive director of the Grassroots Collaborative. According to Patel, the strike is about whether CTU can halt “corporate control over schools”, saying that the business-focused approach to school reform has been going on at least since former Chicago mayor Richard Daley unveiled the pro-charter school “Renaissance 2010” program in 2004. Read more »

PI Original
by Brandon Campbell
Mon Sep 10, 2012

Chicago Teachers: Strike Is About Education, Not Money (VIDEO)

The Chicago Teachers Union strike is in full swing as thousands of the city’s teachers showed up to their respective schools this morning not to work, but to strike for the first time in 25 years.