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Brad Schneider


Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Fri Oct 26, 2012

What Brad Schneider Would Do, If Elected

Brad Schneider persuasively makes the case that there are “real differences” between him and his opponent U.S. Rep. Robert Dold (R-Kenilworth) in the deadlocked race for Illinois’ 10th district representative.

And Schneider need convince almost no one that Dold is part of a legislative body mired in “unbelievable gridlock.”

But like many candidates running for Congress, Schneider is caught in a moment of political uncertainty where there is an absence of bold policy ideas.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Mon Oct 22, 2012

Local Issues Marginal in Walsh-Duckworth Race

The old expression “all politics is local” seems not applicable to the high-profile 8th congressional district race between U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-McHenry) and Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth.

Unlike in the 17th congressional district race in western Illinois or even the neighboring 10th district contest, there is little in the 8th district race that is of exclusive interest to those particular voters. The battle between Walsh and Duckworth instead has focused on major national issues such as Medicare and Social Security, with Chicago and national media attention often covering the money being funneled into the race or the latest histrionics of Walsh, including his outrageous comments last Thursday on abortion.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Fri Oct 19, 2012

Bloomberg, Bob Dold And Gun Control

The campaign and independent credentials of U.S. Rep. Robert Dold (R-Kenilworth) may have received a boost this week as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the country’s most recognizable political independent and a billionaire to boot, indicated that he will use some of his cash in support of Dold. However, it is unclear why Bloomberg likes Dold more than Democratic challenger Brad Schneider of Deerfield, outside of the fact that Bloomberg has previously worked with the lawmaker.

The New York Times reported yesterday that Bloomberg formed a Super Political Action Committee that plans to spend up to $15 million in close local and Congressional races. The article identified four candidates who Bloomberg has already singled out, including Dold, based on the North Shore lawmaker’s stance on gun control.

PI Original
by Matthew Blake
Thu Oct 18, 2012

Dold's Voting Record Shows Loyalty With GOP Values

Dold is not the poster child for the Tea Party. But the more important fact for 10th district voters in Cook and Lake Counties is that their representative mostly sided with a rightward-moving Republican Party. We offer a closer look at the 10th congressional district race between incumbent Robert Dold and Democratic challenger Brad Schneider.

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Oct 15, 2012

Schneider, Dold Square Off In 10th District Debate

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Bob Dold and Democratic candidate Brad Schneider packed Lake Forest High School’s auditorium during their first live debate in the 10th congressional district Sunday afternoon.

Dold, a Republican from Kenilworth, and Schneider, a businessman from Deerfield, argued their positions on everything from taxes and the economy to protecting the environment and women’s reproductive rights.

Quick Hit
by Steven Ross Johnson
Wed Oct 3, 2012

Duckworth, Walsh Race Illustrative Of Voter Fatigue With Partisan Politics (VIDEO)

As election season heats up, the battle for control of Congress may come down to the outcome of several key races in Illinois.

With polls indicating President Barack Obama will more than likely win re-election and Democrats projected to maintain a majority in the U.S. Senate, Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are hopeful they can achieve a net gain of 25 seats in order to provide the President with a Democratic-controlled Congress going into a second term.

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Oct 1, 2012

Schneider Looks To Labor Voters For Help In Defeating Dold

Union members’ votes in the general election may make or break whether Democrats take back control of the House of Representatives, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-9) said at a labor rally in Lincolnshire Saturday morning.

Dozens of organized workers in Illinois’ 10th congressional district met with Schakowsky for a pep talk in support of Democrat candidate Brad Schneider, who’s looking to defeat first-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Bob Dold (R), before they branched off for a door-to-door canvas of fellow union members in the area.

“We cannot win this race, and we can’t save our country, without organized labor,” Schakowsky said at the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America’s Region 4 office.