The 1986 (ICRA) Amnesty cost taxpayers 76 billion dollars. A new immigration reorganization package will outlay a phenomenal dollar figure, which comes out your pockets. Just in one selected year at the federal level, illegal immigrant’s expenditures were $113 billion dollars according to FAIR. Even scarier is supporting the illegal alien household that has already settled in America? It’s just a matter of time before refugees begin migrating from Arizona and other hardened states, to outlying states where policing laws have been rejected by pro-illegal immigrant lawmakers. Those states that have designed their immigration policing laws analogous to Arizona, will not regret it in the long run economically. Illegal immigrants will hesitate before moving, to less open States and instead head for Utah, California and Nevada that have got a well earned reputation as a sanctuary? Wisconsin should think of their citizens-legal residents, that if they don't take a restrictive route hundreds of thousands more economic unauthorized immigrants will head there.

California is already overrun with aliens that are aware that with Democrats the majority in Sacramento will keep on offering welfare benefits for votes. The California deficit is rising there, but politicians remain silent about the foreign occupation. The misguided Governor Brown would rather supplement billions of dollars to foreign national households, but instead has have sent out 30.000 pink slips to teachers. California has been branded as a sanctuary state and now in financial trouble. They have failed to author State-wide E-Verify and independently battling in Washington, to rebut the Secure Communities fingerprint law for all arrested individuals. Some say 12 million foreigners squatting here, but most non-profit sovereignty groups say it’s over 20 million and counting? Can we afford subsidizing the farming community anymore, as they pay nothing in benefits and small living wage? No health care and we pay their children's schooling.

Temporary Guest Worker programs are rampant with deceit, as all special visas for hires. It unquestionably makes no logical sense when 15 million Americans cannot find a job? We just cannot be the emergency room care or education privileges for the rest of humankind, anymore. Why in-state tuition for aliens, when we simply cannot afford to educate our own children at college level? That is morally wrong. This nation is held together by the glue of the "Rule of Law." This is what separates us from many dictatorships, with liberty, free expression and freedom. Today, more than ever this is slipping under corruption in Washington and at State level. The Tea Party is different, as it’s built on the power of all people without intolerance to religion, race or party affiliation. Our ultimate goal is to throw the tarnished and power hungry out of the Obama administration or any State capitol.


The Tea Party will dissolve, merge and end forever our out of control government, returning empowerment to States. Taxes will not be exhausted; but will sever illegal immigrant benefits. The TEA PARTY will support politicians to kill or rescind the instant citizenship for babies of people with allegiance to other countries. A flat tax system will be enacted, to reduce corruption on higher levels of government. The Tea Party will return this country to fiscal responsibility, a TRUE FREE MARKET, not the fraudulent agreement we have with NAFTA and CAFTA, or worse still China. We are obligated to The Peoples Communist party for half of one trillion dollars and rising to pay our debt for inferior products we import. But most of all, we must build the real double layer fence from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, to protect our national security from murdering terrorist, drug and people traffickers.

This can only be done with the full deployment of 5000 National Guardsman at the border. Our passionate nation offers free health care to everybody who crosses our border or overstays on an expired visa. Another major issue is foreigners voting in only-for-citizens election. This is no longer an isolated issue and States nationwide, need to enact stringent rules that includes showing picture ID to prove they are legally able to vote? Join the tens of millions in the Tea Party and also ply your representatives in Washington, State or even local level for answers? Tell them unless they join the TEA PARTY, they will be out of office in 2012.

Contact them at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.

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