There are 28 million businesses with 1-19 employees, 98% of all businesses in America. The SBA backs almost no loans to them even when it's open. There are less than 300,000 businesses with 50-500 employees. 90%+ of all SBA loans go to these bigger businesses.

In the last two years, loans under $250,000 backed by the SBA have steadily decreased. In the last year, the SBA has backed fewer loans under $100,000 than any time in their 60 year history.

True small businesses with 1-19 employees - the 98%" - are largely unaffected by the SBA closure. In fact, they probably benefit, because it keeps the SBA from giving more loans to larger businesses that allow them to take customers from the smalls. The longer the SBA is closed, the more likely the 98% will benefit by a more level playing field that does not favor the 2%.

I would encourage you to celebrate that the is SBA closed until it can figure out how to benefit the 98% instead of the 2% of the largest businesses in America.