Absurd, but I can see the reasoning for his stance on the subject. Competive nature is part of the corporate greed that puts famillies into poverty. However there is a better solution to stay competitive in our greedy society. DO NOT LOWER THE MIN. WAGE, iNCREASE IT AND CREATE A MAXIMUM WAGE!  If  companies want to be successful they need to keep their overhead down. The first to see the cuts are the people who actually drive their business. This really is counter productive as the level of performance and motivation declines when you degrade the hands that feed your mouth. Government desperatly needs to controll wages but not those who need and deserve it the most. Companies can really save more money when they can actually look in mirror and reduce their payroll expenses from the top not from the bottom! The solution is: raise taxes on the rich, create a maximum wage all executives/proffesionals can make based on specific gudlines from analizing P&L statements.