Quick Hit Adam Doster Tuesday March 30th, 2010, 1:51pm

Kirk's Latest Two-Step (UPDATED)

Is Mark Kirk flip-flopping again? After telling a group of supporters two weeks ago that he would "lead the effort" to repeal the health care reform package, the AP reports today that the Republican U.S. Senate candidate dodged a series of questions on that topic from reporters.  According to the brief article, "He would say only that he opposes the new taxes and Medicare cuts to pay for it."

It wouldn't be surprising if Kirk ultimately backs off his original declaration, given that repealing the bill is virtually impossible. But it shows once more how his apparent desperation to energize the GOP's conservative base keeps getting him in trouble.

UPDATE (2:20 p.m.): Democratic rival Alexi Giannoulias responds in a statement:

"After saying one thing to political donors behind closed doors, and another to the media today, we now know even less about Congressman Kirk's vow to lead the fight to repeal health insurance reform. What we do know for sure is that Mark Kirk is a Washington politician who would rather play political obstructionist games than work with President Obama to get things done for Illinois' small businesses, seniors and working families."

UPDATE 2 (2:55 p.m.): The Club For Growth isn't happy with Kirk, issuing a release stating that "they expect him to live up to his [repeal] promise."


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