Quick Hit Josh Kalven Wednesday April 21st, 2010, 1:06pm

Not Quite ...

NBC 5's Edward McClellan on the "Save Our State" rally today:

The Responsible Budget Coalition, the organizers of the “Save Our State” rally, believes that Gov. Pat Quinn’s one-point income tax is the only alternative to unacceptable cuts in education.

In fact, the RBC membership has expressed great disappointment with Quinn's proposed one-point income tax hike.  Following the governor's March 10 budget address, the coalition said his proposal "falls far short of the comprehensive tax reform that's needed."  Shriver Center President John Bouman -- whom McClellan quotes in his piece -- had this to say: "A temporary band-aid isn't going to get us through this crisis or pay our unpaid bills."  And SEIU Healthcare IL/IN President Keith Kelleher responded: "[W]e need more than a 1% increase to pull Illinois out of this budget crisis." (Full disclosure: SEIU Illinois sponsors this website.)

The RBC is flooding the statehouse today in support of House Bill 174, which would raise the income tax rate by two percentage points and passed the Illinois Senate last May.


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