Quick Hit Adam Doster Thursday June 10th, 2010, 1:28pm

Kirk Continues To Cash In On Cap-And-Trade Flip-Flop

Late last year, we pointed out that Rep. Mark Kirk's flip-flop on cap-and-trade appeared to provoke a sizeable campaign donation from Koch Industries, the enormous oil and gas conglomerate. New campaign finance filings show that Kirk is still benefiting from his decision to abandon his previously strong stance on the environment. On April 15, Kirk disclosed that the Petroleum Marketers Association of America donated $1,000 to his campaign. (That PAC last contributed to Kirk way back in 2005.) And while the FEC hasn't yet updated its database to reflect donations filed in June, Politico's Mike Allen reports that ConocoPhillips sent Kirk $2,000 last month.

Kirk insists he's still an environmental champion. But that's hard to swallow when huge oil companies are sending money his way and the nation's leading environmental advocates are abandoning him.


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