Quick Hit Josh Kalven Wednesday July 21st, 2010, 1:28pm

The Most Important Data Set You'll See Today

The group Illinois Partners for Human Services today released an extremely (and quite devastating) document listing the specific amounts owed by the State of Illinois to nonprofits across the Land of Lincoln.  As Greg Hinz notes, 136 individual groups were owed more than $1 million as of July 12.  Of course, many of these agencies provide crucial services such as drug and alcohol rehabilitiation centers, homeless and domestic violence shelters, and care for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill.  Apart from the budget cuts hanging over their heads, the backlog of bills is forcing many of them to either borrow themselves, trim back their services, or close their doors altogether.

You can view the full list here or download it here.  We'll have more on the subject in the coming days.


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