Quick Hit Adam Doster Wednesday November 3rd, 2010, 11:21am

Dems Strike Redistricting Gold

Although one race is still pending, Illinois Republicans made big gains last night in the state's contested congressional races. At the very least, the party took over three seats, held its ground in the 10th Congressional District, and now boasts a firm majority in the state's DC caucus.Yet one of those members may be out of a job come 2012.

With the likely election of Gov. Pat Quinn, the retention of State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride, and a strong showing for some endangered state lawmakers, Democrats will have control over every facet of the remapping process in 2012. While the act of redrawing districts may be convoluted -- we lamented that the state legislature missed an opportunity to reform it this spring -- it's unquestionably good for progressives that Democrats (as opposed to the GOP) will be able to shape how those lines are constructed for the next decade. After all, Illinois is slated to lose one congressional seat because of population changes.

Back in August, Swing State Project tried to estimate how a new map might look. The growth of the state's Latino population means Rep. Peter Roskam's 6th District seat could very well be endangered. Given how much more conservative he is than the people he represents, that would be a good development.


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