Quick Hit Micah Maidenberg Thursday November 18th, 2010, 4:22pm

Transaction Taxes, Frayed Feelings, And City Colleges

Three quick items on the Chicago mayoral front from yesterday and today:

City Clerk and mayoral candidate Miguel Del Valle laid the gauntlet down before the other would-be Chicago mayors yesterday, saying he's backing a resolution before City Council that would pose a simple question to voters should it make it onto the February ballot: "Shall the City of Chicago adopt a transaction tax that would apply to securities, commodities and derivatives?" Twenty-five aldermen are listed (PDF) as co-sponsors of the resolution, and Del Valle said in a statement, "Voters and reporters rightly ask how we will pay for all the campaign promises we make this time of year. I believe we should do it by asking the speculators on LaSalle Street and Wall Street to pay for their fair share of what it costs to run a city in a global economy." For an overview of some of the ideas that would underpin any financial speculation ordinance that City Council might ultimately take up, check out this background page compiled by the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

For years, Gery Chico has been Mayor Richard Daley's go-to guy, chairing the Chicago Board of Education, the park district, and most recently the City Colleges of Chicago system. That relationship now has frayed. On Tuesday, Chico released his education platform, asserting that CPS has "lost momentum," and the lame-duck mayor took exception. Chico then told reporters this afternoon that, yes, he (and other candidates) will be "bringing forward ideas about subjects they may not have spoken about before." Here's the candidate this afternoon on the Near West Side:

One strange aspect of this flap is that Chico's education plan largely conforms with Daley's ideas for CPS ...

It was during a press conference to announce the "reinvention" of the city colleges system that Daley unloaded on Chico. A statement about what's planned is here. Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel apparently likes what he sees; the Emanuel campaign released a press release praising the ideas this morning. Earlier this fall, Chico and Daley, when they were working closely together, floated the controversial idea of ending remedial education at the city colleges.


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