Quick Hit Robert Dietz Wednesday February 2nd, 2011, 2:42pm

The Latest Absurdity From Kirk

Sen. Mark Kirk continues to ratchet up the ridiculousness. The junior senator is now blaming gossip about Al Gore's personal life for his own flip flop on global warming. Try and wrap your head around that one.

First, some background. In 2009, Kirk voted in favor of cap-and-trade climate change legislation while a member of the House of Representatives. The then-congressman received what he described as "a stronger reaction than I've ever seen before" from opponents of the bill and soon after was insisting that he voted for cap-and-trade only to satisfy the "narrow interests" of his district. He went on to say that he wouldn't support that bill should he be elected to the Senate. Kirk's opponent in the 2010 campaign, Alexi Giannoulias, enlisted Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), an architect of the cap-and-trade bill in the Senate, to criticize Kirk for the flip flop.

Now, Kirk is pointing to the former vice president as the reason for his change of heart on global warming. Talking Points Memo flagged a comment Kirk made to Greenwire, in which he said, "The consensus behind the climate change bill collapsed and then further deteriorated with the personal and political collapse of Vice President [Al] Gore." The Kirkian logic is that because Gore recently got divorced and an investigtion into an alleged 2006 incident in which Gore was accused of sexual assault was reopened, Kirk turned against cap-and-trade. Again, we invite you to wrap your head around that one.


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