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Congressional Progressive Caucus Tour Targets Nation's Job Woes (VIDEO)

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is looking to turn the national conversation away from frivolous chatter like "Weiner-gate" to the urgent need for jobs trhoughout the United States. 

With the nation's high unemployment rate set to be President Barack Obama's Achilles' Heel in the 2012 elections, congressional progressives felt it was time to take the bull by the horns and address the 9.1 percent unemployment rate head on. As a result, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is kicking off a nationwide "Speak Out For Good Jobs Now" road tour that is set to begin on June 18. Take a look at the trailer promoting the tour:


According to the tour's web site, SpeakOutTour.com, the purpose of the 12-city tour, which could expand to more towns, is to allow Americans to make their voices heard on how the state of the economy and job crisis are affecting their lives. "Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will listen to what everyday Americans have to say and take that back to Washington with them as they continue to fight to reinvigorate the American Dream — the ability to put in a day’s hard work for good wages and benefits so we can provide our children with a better future," reads the site.

The tour isn't scheduled to stop in Illinois, as of yet, but Illinois State Representative Jan Schakowsky is scheduled to take part in the tour's Milwaukee stop on June 28 at Vincent High School from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Earlier this week, sponsor of the Speak Out Tour and Minnesota State Representative Keith Ellison (D) took to the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC to talk about the nation's job crisis, getting Americans back to work, and the purpose and plan for the 12-city trek. See what Rep. Ellison had to say:

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