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Birth Control
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by Ellyn Fortino
Wed Nov 5, 2014

Illinoisans Overwhelmingly Back Statewide Advisory Ballot Questions — Now What?

Progress Illinois chats with political scientists about the likelihood of Springfield lawmakers taking up the three statewide voter-backed advisory ballot questions.

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Mon Aug 1, 2011

Number Of The Week: 8.1.2012

That is the date when women everywhere can get free preventative health services such as birth control pills, as recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) last month.

The U.S. Department of Health And Human Services announced today that it would heed the IOM’s advice (PDF), requiring health insurance to cover, in full, the eight services that the IOM defined as preventative care.

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Mon Jul 25, 2011

Number Of The Week: 78 (VIDEO)

That is the percentage of Americans who support government-subsidized birth control pills, according to a poll (PDF) conducted in April by Reuters and National Public Radio. The study is making another round in the news after the Institute of Medicine (IOM) offered its recommendations (PDF) last week on preventive services for women.

The Affordable Care Act has been big on promoting preventative care versus the complicated -- and expensive -- nature of reacting to health problems. And now that the IOM rightfully declared contraceptives as important preventative care for women’s health, this would mean any FDA-approved birth control could be "free" or without co-pay costs "to promote optimal birth outcomes" because it would lower unwanted pregnancy rates as well as help space out conception for some. The IOM made seven other recommendations, including counseling for STDs and domestic violence and DNA testing for HPV. But right wingers have found a way to turn these potential plusses into an opportunity to pit the left against low-income Americans.