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Chapin Rose
Quick Hit
Thu Apr 14, 2011

Harsh Words As Controversial Food Stamp Bill Passes House

There were harsh words in the heated debate on a House bill that requires the Department of Human Services to see how much it costs to print pictures on LINK cards. HB 161’s sponsor Rep. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) was accused by fellow legislators of picking on poor people, physically intimidating Democrats in a “bullish” manner, and creating the “most wasteful spending of our time in state government.”
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Quick Hit
by Angela Caputo
Wed Feb 24, 2010

Not So Fast, Rep. Rose

Lawmakers got testy during a budget hearing in Springfield yesterday as they considered how to break the news to their local school districts that a 10 percent cut in General State Aid (GSA) may be on the way. Some, however, seemed incapable of accepting the fact that -- barring passage of an income tax increase -- the budget ax is going to fall on schools. Among them is State Rep. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) who, as Illinois Statehouse News reports, dismissed the talk of cuts as a "scare tactic" on the part of Democrats. “The general state aid formula is sacrosanct, and for good reason," he said. "You don’t take this out of the hides of kids."

But if Rose considers himself the protector of school funding, maybe he should take a closer look at the man he endorsed for governor.  While frustratingly vague on the details, Republican State Sen. Bill Brady's proposed budget solution includes no tax increase and a 10 percent across-the-board cut that appears to include education spending.