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PI Original
by Progress Illinois
Fri Jul 17, 2009

Second Quarter Fundraising Figures

The federal filing deadline for the second quarter of 2009 passed this week.  Below you'll find the relevant totals for the U.S. Senate race as well as several potentially competitive House races:

Giannoulias' $1.6 million in cash-on-hand has already attracted ...

PI Original
by Angela Caputo
Tue Nov 4, 2008

IL-6: "GI Jill" Tries To Wrest A Seat From Roskam

Don't be fooled by the bevy of McCain/Palin and Peter Roskam yard
signs staked throughout the western suburbs, says Dawn Hall, a waitress
from Lombard. 

The 49-year-old hit the polling place early this morning, in time to make her
7 a.m. shift at Granny's Diner. ...

PI Original
by Josh Kalven
Mon Nov 3, 2008

CBS News Reports On Jill Morgenthaler

Over the weekend, CBS Evening News reported on the slew of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans running for Congress across the country this year.  The segment highlighted Jill Morgenthaler's bid to unseat GOP Rep. Peter Roskam in the 6th District.  Watch her appearance below...

PI Original
by Josh Kalven
Thu Oct 30, 2008

Hardball Highlights "Obama Voters For Roskam" Website (UPDATED)

Just minutes after interviewing GOP Rep. Peter Roskam's former boss -- Tom DeLay -- on Hardball last night, host Chris Matthews briefly reported that Roskam has launched a website intended to lure 6th District supporters of Barack Obama, which we noted on Tuesday.  Watch it...

PI Original
by Josh Kalven
Wed Oct 29, 2008

Des Plaines Journal Endorses Seals, Morgenthaler

From the Des Plaines Journal's endorsement of 10th Congressional District Democratic challenger Dan Seals: During the grueling contest, the usually moderate and thoughtful [GOP Rep. Mark] Kirk has resorted to negative advertising to get his message out. He has ...

PI Original
by Josh Kalven
Tue Oct 28, 2008

Roskam Creates Website To Lure "Obama Voters"

In a recent fundraising appeal, GOP Rep. Peter Roskam noted Barack Obama's "14-point lead in his west
suburban district," according to a report yesterday in Crain's.  The 6th District incumbent must be pretty scared because he's now launched an "Obama Voters ...

PI Original
by Josh Kalven
Tue Oct 28, 2008

Roskam Refuses To Talk To NBC About Abortion Comments

Reporting on the 6th Congressional District race today, NBC 5's Mary Ann Ahern noted Democratic challenger Jill Morgenthaler's criticism of a comment made by GOP Rep. Peter Roskam at a recent editorial meeting.  Ahern reported that Roskam "would not talk about that ...

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Tue Oct 28, 2008

Summer Nostalgia (UDPATED)

Remember the summer? Only a few months have passed, but it seems
like ages since Illinoisans were experiencing warm sun, winning Chicago
baseball, and a tight presidential race. In those days, comments like this one from Republican State Sen. Bill Brady didn't raise ...

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Mon Oct 27, 2008

Roskam: Why Can Women Have Abortions If Rapists Can't Be Executed?

GOP Rep. Peter Roskam, uncorked:

Morgenthaler, who vaulted over Roselle businessman Stan
Jagla in the Democratic primary election with 77 percent of the vote,
calls Roskam an "ideologue" because, for example, he opposes abortion
even in the case of ...