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Illinois Democratic Party
PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Sep 22

Young Illinoisans Weigh In On The Governor's Race

Young Illinois Democrats and Republicans say a lot is at stake for them in the November gubernatorial election. Progress Illinois chats with younger Illinoisans about the governor's race and several policy issues on their radar.

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Mar 17

Election Preview: Tensions Boil Over In The 26th District Legislative Race

Jhatayn “Jay” Travis, who is challenging incumbent State Rep. Christian Mitchell (D-Chicago) in the 26th District Democratic race, blasted her opponent Monday for "questionable election tactics." Mitchell's campaign called Travis' comments "desperate and superfluous." Progress Illinois details the latest scuffle kicking up dirt in the race on the eve of the primary election.

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Wed Mar 12

Election Preview: A Look At The 39th District State Representative Race

With less than a week until the March primary election, eyes are peeled on the 39th District state representative race that pits politically-connected incumbent State Rep. Maria "Toni" Berrios (D-Chicago) against community organizer and former Huffington Post reporter Will Guzzardi. Progress Illinois takes a look at the contest, which has been called possibly the "most important state legislative race in Illinois in the primary."

PI Original
by Matthew Blake
Wed Nov 14, 2012

Democratic Super Majority May Change Little In Springfield

The election was a triumph for Illinois Democrats and a disaster for Prairie State Republicans, with Democrats gaining super majorities in both the Illinois House and Senate. But what progressive policy will emerge from Springfield’s new make up is hard to discern.

Quick Hit
by Steven Ross Johnson
Wed Oct 3, 2012

Duckworth, Walsh Race Illustrative Of Voter Fatigue With Partisan Politics (VIDEO)

As election season heats up, the battle for control of Congress may come down to the outcome of several key races in Illinois.

With polls indicating President Barack Obama will more than likely win re-election and Democrats projected to maintain a majority in the U.S. Senate, Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are hopeful they can achieve a net gain of 25 seats in order to provide the President with a Democratic-controlled Congress going into a second term.