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Jean-Claude Brizard
Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Tue Sep 18

CTU Strike: Parents Show Support, Attempt To Hand Deliver Messages To CPS

As the Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates prepares to vote on the deal that was presented to them Sunday, groups of parents from around the city staged rallies in support of the teachers' strike.

Some of those parents showed up at the Chicago Board of Education building at 125 S. Clark Street Tuesday morning to deliver about 1,000 signed postcards containing notes from public schoolchildren and parents.

A group of about 50 parents and strike supporters planned to hand deliver the postcards to Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard. They were stopped, however, by a security guard at the front desk who was instructed to take the cards.

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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Tue Jul 24

Longer School Day Deal Reached Between CTU, CPS

The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools announced this afternoon an interim agreement that will let Mayor Rahm Emanuel go forward with his desired seven-hour school day, while also more or less maintaining the workload of teachers.

Both CTU President Karen Lewis and Emanuel billed the compromise as a breakthrough victory.

The agreement does not necessarily mean that the two sides are close to reaching a deal on a new contract, but it does set precise 2013-14 school day guidelines and also lets up to 477 laid off teachers return to work. Read more »

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Thu Jul 12

Maligned CPS Budget Proposal Might Not Be Final Version

What do the Chicago Teachers Union, Occupy Chicago, the Chicago Tribune editorial page, the Chicago Civic Federation, and Moody’s credit rating agency all have in common? They have each slammed the Chicago Public Schools for proposing a budget that drains the system’s entire $349 million rainy day fund.

The widespread disapproval raises the question of whether the Board of Education, which is appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and typically rubber stamps any CPS proposal, might suggest changes to the new budget at its July 26 meeting. Read more »

PI Original
by Matthew Blake
Fri Jun 15

National Education Group Aims To Shape Chicago Teacher Contract Negotiations

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis has claimed that national education policy groups disruptively shape the Chicago Public Schools' agenda and are now interfering in contract negotiations between CPS and the teachers union. The one outside group that has indisputably stepped into the collective bargaining fray is Education Reform Now, which is headquartered in New York.