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Jobs With Justice
Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Wed Jun 4

Fight For Higher Wages, Better Working Conditions At Walmart Rages On (VIDEO)

Just days before the kick-off of Walmart’s annual shareholders meeting, employees of the world’s largest retailer renewed their call for higher wages and better working conditions Wednesday outside of a store on the South Side of Chicago.

“I have bills to pay, but I just don’t make enough money,” said Charmaine Givens-Thomas, 61, a Walmart worker on the city’s North Side for more than eight years. She earns $12.05 per hour, but depends on public assistance to supplement her income.

“It’s devastating, sometimes I actually run out of food,” she said. Read more »

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Thu May 1

Hundreds Attend Chicago May Day Rally, Demand A Stop To Deportations (VIDEO)

Hundreds of protesters took part in Chicago's May Day events Thursday to stand for workers’ rights and demand an end to deportations. Progress Illinois was there for the day's events.

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Wed Apr 16

Chicago Activists To Demand A Stop To Deportations On May Day

Activists participating in the upcoming May Day workers' march and celebration in the city of Chicago will deliver a clear message to President Barack Obama — two million deportations is too many.

May 1, or May Day, is an international day of honoring workers. Since 2006, an annual May Day rally has been held in Chicago, highlighting immigrant rights as an important aspect of the workers' rights debate.

Thousands of people attended last year'sMay Day event in the city to rally for comprehensive immigration reform legislation, which is now stalled in Congress.

This year, the main message is about deportations. The goal is to "try and keep the pressure on the [Obama] administration to do everything that's in their power to defer action to a broader group of immigrants working here in the United States, and do that quickly," said Susan Hurley with Chicago Jobs with Justice.

"We have approached or passed a milestone of 2 million people being deported [under the Obama administration], and that's just too many families being separated," she added. "It's got to stop, and if we can't get legislation that will fix our broken system, then we need to back off the deportations until we can get that legislation."  Read more »

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Wed May 15, 2013

Federal Lawsuits Filed Against CPS Closings As Chicago Clergy Holds 'Pray-In' For Public Schools (VIDEO)

Two class action lawsuits looking to put a stop to the Chicago Public Schools' plan to shutter 53 elementary schools at the end of the academic year were filed in federal court today. 

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Thu Apr 25, 2013

Labor To Stand In Solidarity With Immigration Reform Advocates On May Day (VIDEO)

Chicago community, faith and labor allies said they stand in solidarity with immigrant rights advocates and will make a push for comprehensive immigration reform at the upcoming May Day workers' march and celebration in the city.

Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Wed Feb 27, 2013

Unemployment Report: Legislative Focus Needs To Be On Job Creation, Not Austerity

Unemployment rates are not expected to improve for white, Latino and African American workers through 2013, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute, prompting a recommendation for legislators that focus more on job creation.

“In the fourth quarter of 2012, nationwide unemployment rates were 6.3 percent for whites, 9.8 percent for Hispanics, and 14 percent for blacks. These elevated rates are projected to remain essentially unchanged at the end of 2013,” the report reads.

Read more »