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John Mulroe
Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Apr 14

Durbin Joins Congressmen In Unveiling Report On E-Cigarette Marketing Practices, Presses FDA For Regulatory Action

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) hopes a report issued Monday detailing the marketing tactics used by electronic cigarette companies will coerce the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take regulatory action on the products.

E-cigarettes are currently free from numerous sales, marketing and product regulations at the federal level that apply to traditional cigarettes.

Durbin and 11 other Democratic lawmakers from the U.S. House and Senate launched a joint investigation into the marketing practices of nine companies that make commonly sold e-cigarette brands including MarkTen, Vuse, NJOY King, Eonsmoke, LOGIC, V2 Cigs, VaporCouture, Blu, Green Smoke and White Cloud. The investigation's findings were revealed Monday. The report shows a recent uptick in e-cigarette marketing, including tactics that Durbin says appeal to minors.

"E-cigarettes are a candy-flavored addiction, which is dangerous to our young people across America," the senator said on a press call Monday morning about the new report. "It is growing in popularity among children and sadly poses serious public health threats." Read more »

Quick Hit
by Michael Sandler
Thu Sep 6, 2012

Mugshot Web Sites A Dirty But Legal Business

Alex thought the incident was behind him.  

In July 2011, Alex was living in an apartment in Oregon with his girlfriend. The two got into an argument and concerned neighbors called the police. Alex and his girlfriend were both questioned, and because local authorities couldn't leave the residence of a domestic dispute occupied, Alex was taken into custody. He was booked and held overnight, but never charged with a crime.

However, that's when Alex’s problems started. He told Progress Illinois that after being accepted into a Chicago law school, he Googled his own name to see the results. Sure enough, Alex saw his mugshot appear on web sites. Worried that someone from his new school would see his mugshot on the Internet, Alex contacted each site and politely requested it be taken down. All complied except for one, mugshots.com, who’s lawyer told Alex to get the arrest record expunged first.  

Read more »