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Who Is Running For Mayor? A Real-Time Candidate Tracker

Who is going to be Chicago's next mayor? Our simple database includes all of the latest news and rumors, as well as campaign finance data.

Who is going to be Chicago's next mayor? That's the question on the minds of both potential voters and media professionals this week following the surprising news that Mayor Richard Daley plans to step down from his post after two decades in office.

Rumors are flying about a possible successor. Will Rahm Emanuel leave the Obama White House and come back home? Will one of Daley's City Council critics make a run? What about Tom Dart, the popular Cook County Sheriff, or influential State Sen. James Meeks? With only about two months left to circulate petitions, we thought it would be helpful to keep track of which candidates join the race and which decide to sit it out. Our simple database includes campaign finance data current through July 30 and the latest source links -- both our own interviews and outside news reports -- verifying each person's intentions:

We plan on updating the spreadsheet with any new information that becomes available, so if you see anything that looks out of date, feel free to drop us an e-mail at contact (at) progressillinois.com.

Research assistance provided by Michael Vanassche.

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If the Chicago voter is stupid enough to vote for a Alderman as Mayor then its safe to assume its "Business as Usual" at City Hall and Daley walks away free and clear with a city thats over $700 MILLION dollars in debt and city contracts given to friends of friends of friends who work for the city, recently the news exposed 3 city contracts that were given to 3 of Daley's EX-body-guards. I believe Tom Dart so far because its too early, would be a decent Democratic candidate BUT no one from Chicago city/Aldermanic politics PLEASE!

I understand that to many people in this country money is important when it comes to elections and holding an office.

What I don't understand is why.

I mean, when will work ethic and honest values be the determining factor?

If I get 12,500 signatures I will run for Mayor of Chicago.


CJ Laity, Poet

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