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Republican Rauner Shows Off Democratic Wife In New Ad (VIDEO)

Bruce Rauner, the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, released a kitschy TV ad Friday, peddling his wife's political stance as a Democrat.

After his wife declares that she is a Democrat in the 30-second ad, Rauner says, "I love her anyway." His wife Diana follows up with, "And I'm voting for him anyway because I know Bruce will take on both parties to fix Illinois."  

Rauner also added that he wants to "drive career politicans nuts," if elected Illinois governor.

Here's a look at the ad:

The ad appears to be a feeble attempt by Rauner to show that he can work with Democrats. Or maybe the message is that the venture capitalist plans to work against both political parties in Springfield, considering his enthusiastic opposition to "career politicians."  The ad does not really provide any clarity on Rauner's political intentions.
The only thing that is clear is his desire to drive some folks "nuts."


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