Quick Hit Anthony Burke Boylan Thursday July 31st, 2014, 5:24pm

Chicago Officials To Hold Public Hearing On Crime Stats

Weeks after multiple requests have been made for hearings into the accuracy of Chicago crime data, the Public Safety Commission will hold a public meeting Friday to discuss the issue and its relation to crime and police resources in the city, according to an aldermanic group that has been pushing for such a discussion.

Back in early June, the Chicago Progressive Caucus made a call for a public hearing on Chicago's crime statistics. Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd), along with six other members of the Chicago City Council's progressive caucus, asked Ald. James Balcer (11th), the Public Safety Committee chair, to hold a meeting on the issue after questions emerged surrounding the soundness of Chicago Police Department crime data.  

Specifically, the request came on the heels of two separate reports that came out this spring by the city Inspector General and Chicago Magazine. The reports questioned the authenticity of recent Chicago Police Department crime, suggesting that police may be diminishing crime rates by miscategorizing them.

Fioretti also sent a second request, and stressed that he would pursue hearings on the matter with or without the support of the mayor and the police department. 

“People need to know that what has been counted and what hasn’t, and what the real crime data is,’’ said Fioretti, who wants the city to significantly add to its police resources, including 500 new officers. “I hear it everywhere I go: Safety is the No. 1 concern.’’

Thursday morning, the Chicago Progressive Reform Coalition announced on its Facebook page that a public meeting will be held by the Public Safety Committee on crime stats. According to the Facebook post, Supt. Gerry McCarthy is expected to be in attendance. 

The Friday meeting is set to be held at City Hall in Chicago City Council chambers at 10 a.m.

Aricka Flowers contributed to this story.


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