Quick Hit Aricka Flowers Monday April 4th, 2016, 11:21pm

Where's The Beef? MSNBC's Chris Matthews Looks For The Meat Of Clinton's Presidential Campaign

As the Democratic and GOP presidential candidates gear up for Tuesday's potentially table-turning Wisconsin primary elections, MSNBC's Chris Matthews closed out his Monday night Hardball show evaluating the platforms of a few White House hopefuls.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) "political revolution" campaign is founded in taking down the "rigged economy" and giving the power back to working class Americans saddled with oppressive student loan debt, hefty health care costs and a job market that has been stripped of good-paying positions. The Vermont senator's platform can easily be laid out in one of those elevator speeches everyone is advised to have on hand should they come across the need to pitch their business or skill set to a potential client or hiring manger.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign, however, appears to lack that sort of clear and concise messaging, according to Matthews. 

Beyond being the first female president of the United States -- and the establishment notion that it is her turn at bat -- Matthews argues that it is difficult to grasp exactly what Clinton's plans are in seeking the Oval Office.

Take a look:   

What's your take? Is Clinton void of a clear platform message or is it simply being missed by the political pundit?  


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