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Pride Fund Created To Combat Gun Violence In Wake Of Orlando Massacre

Frustration with stalled gun control efforts in Washington spurred the formation of a new political action committee geared towards supporting federal candidates "who will act on sensible gun policy reforms and champion LGBTQ equality."

The Pride Fund to End Gun Violence (Pride Fund) comes as a response to the nation's deadliest shooting, which occurred last month at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. Forty-nine people were killed in the terrorist attack and 53 others were wounded.

After the shooting, the House failed to consider pending gun reform measures, which led to a more than 26-hour sit-in by the chamber's Democrats who unsuccessfully demanded a vote on commonsense gun control legislation before adjourning for the 4th of July holiday recess.

"The Orlando massacre was yet another senseless act of gun violence in America and the LGBTQ community and our allies are united in the call for action on commonsense gun reforms. We are tired of Congress' inaction, so we are adding the strength and organization of the LGBTQ community to help end gun violence," said Jason Lindsay, Pride Fund founder and executive director.

The Pride Fund will be active in the 2016 election process and plans to join forces with "like-minded groups" across the nation to:

  • Mobilize the LGBTQ community and our allies,
  • Raise funds to counter the gun lobby, and
  • Campaign to ensure victory in November 2016 and beyond.


The PAC's leaders are actively seeking financial support after having raised close to $20,000 in the first few days of fundraising. Pride Fund organizers have a goal of raising $500,000 for the 2016 election cycle.


"This is a call-to-action for all Americans to stand up and take political action to end gun violence. Pride Fund gives the LGBTQ community and its allies a strong, concentrated voice to fight back against politicians who are unwilling to act on this important issue," said Lindsay, who is encouraging people to get engaged in the PAC's grassroots efforts.

"While it will take strong citizen action, fundraising and political muscle to take on the robust financial power of the gun lobby - the LGBTQ community, with the help of its allies, has succeeded before and we plan to do so again," he added.


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