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Illinois Dems Launch Tumblr Blog Highlighting Kirk's 'Reckless' & 'Irresponsible' Comments

The Democratic Party of Illinois unveiled a new Tumblr account Tuesday that highlights U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk's (R-IL) "reckless and irresponsible history of running his mouth."

The Democrat's '$#*% My Senator Says' Tumblr account lists out several controversial comments made by the Illinois politician as well as untruths he has reportedly uttered over the years, with the start of the blog stating that Kirk "has a long history of outrageous statements and outlandish lies."

Here are a few of Kirk's quotes that are posted on the blog:

"He's a bro with no ho. That is what we'd say on the South Side." [Huffington Post, 6/11/15]

"We drive faster" through black neighborhoods [CNN, 4/17/15]

"It will just bounce off their turbans. [Illinois Channel, Elmhurst College 8th Annual Government Forum, 4/20/15] "

The Paycheck Fairness Act is "the most sexist legislation you can have against women." [Chicago Sun-Times, 4/14/14]

"She's as good-looking as a supermodel but with a solid business education." [USA Today, 7/5/01]

"I'm OK with discrimination against young Arab males from terrorist-producing states" [Chicago Tribune, 11/10/05]

"Tens of thousands of people in the Middle East are gonna lose their lives because of this decision by Barack Hussein Obama." [Buzzfeed, 7/15/15]

"Republican Mark Kirk's Trump-like tendency to make offensive comments isn't just embarrassing -- his frequent gaffes belittle the office he holds. They are a good reminder of why it's hard to take anything he says seriously," said Democratic Party of Illinois spokesperson Sean Savett.

The new Tumblr blog continues the Democratic Party's push to inform voters about questionable comments made by Kirk, riffing off the Trump or Kirk quiz the party released a couple of months back. 

Kirk is up against Democratic challenger U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL,8) in the November election.


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